Mexislang: The Key to Understanding What the Hell Your Mexican Friends Are Saying

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All the Mexican slang you'll ever need!

I have been teaching Mexican Spanish online for more than three years, and while talking to my students, I've noticed how interested they were in learning "mexislang".

They asked me about it all the time, and it started to fascinate me as well. I realized how slang didn't follow any rules and was constantly changing day by day.

I created a blog - mexislang.com - where I started posting entries for my students, to better explain to them how slang words were used and why.

These blog posts have evolved into this book.

Here, I gather the most important phrases and words of "mexislang" and explain their history and usage, including examples.

You will find this manual useful if: 

  • You want to learn Spanish from Mexico.
  • You are going to travel to Mexico.
  • You want to understand Mexican culture better.
  • You like learning new languages.
  • You want to communicate better with Mexican people.
  • You want to learn the most recent Mexican slang (and internet slang) from 2018.
  • You want to learn slang from a real Mexican tutor who has taught Spanish to people from all around the world.

Mexico is the eighth most visited country in the world, and number one in Latin America, so this is a book that can be used by adventurers, businessmen, spring breakers, and any average joe who wants to make bonds, communicate, and establish good relationships with Mexican people.

Start talking like a Mexican, Get Mexislang now!